july 15-16, 2020
THE 9th Outsourcing business platform
in textile industry



On May 31 and June 1, 2017, the 3rd International Outsourcing Business Platform BEE-TOGETHER.ru was held in Moscow. The organizer of the event is, as usual, the Russian Association of Fashion Industry (RAFI).

During 2 days of the business platform 124 visitors from 81 Russian fashion companies held 992 business meetings with representatives of 72 factories from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, India, China, Germany, Bangladesh, Poland, Pakistan and Kazakhstan. Production companies and offered outsourcing in different clothing segments: top, women’s, men’s, children’s clothing, knitted, knitted jersey, denim, leather goods, homewear, underwear, hosiery, work wear, bedding, shoes.

The representatives of major networks and companies — Baon, Lady & Gentleman, Wildberries, Magnit, Decathlon, Little Lady, Oodji, Zolla, Incity, Sela, Sheremetyevo, Black Star, Faberlic, Korablik, Fashion House, Stilnyashka, Fashion House of Vyacheslav Zaitsev and others.

  • Paul Barth, Heinrich Obermeyer (Blue Seven, Germany): «Our company is used to working with certain range of clients, but the economic changes made us forced on new partners and new solutions. In this regard, the business meetings in format ,that BEE-TOGETHER offered us, are extremely relevant. Business can become successful only while moving.».
  • Fazliddin Sirojiddinov, UzTex Group: «We were pleased to take part in Bee-together. We experienced the high interest in our products and knitwear. We got a lot of new contacts. Indeed, the BEE-TOGETHER negotiations format is the most convenient for meetings with customers. It allowed us to discuss the cooperation with large buyers in details. Already, our company is one of the leading Uzbek companies in light industry, and we plan to start the production of hosiery and terry products in a year, which will allow us to offer more for partner companies.».
  • Oybek Ergashev, Uz Cotton : «We liked BEE-TOGETHER for its specializing in different segments, allowing specialists to manage with specific direction. Average exhibitions welcome those who often needs an explanation of what's inside our business. BEE-TOGETHER is for meeting customers who have come with specific questions. One of the commercial networks of St. Petersburg has not just come to discuss terms of cooperation, but also brought samples of their shirts, so we did calculations for the production of these models. Our main purpose was to increase the number of orders for finished products. And we believe that the number of negotiations, we managed to hold, will allow us to achieve it.».
  • Denis Volkov, Confil : «BEE-TOGETHER has a very interesting format that appeal to the target customers. There are no random people, communication is carried on a completely different level, where you can discuss how to apply our technology to the particular characteristics of production at the customer. Our company had constructive conversations and I am happy about it.».
  • Nina Habadze, Lekaler bureau : «I thank the whole team a platform for a very high level of organization, thoughtful content of business program and a delicious buffet. You are doing the right thing by helping to meet professionals from different areas. It is really worth doing. Encourage and motivate the light industry, and we are always ready to be helpful in turn.».